Thor Tea Towel - Cotton Dish Towel - Viking Thunder God


Thor Tea Towel - Cotton Dish Towel - Viking Thunder God

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Thor Viking God of Thunder Cotton Tea Towel

In Germanic mythology: Germanic and Norse mythology, Thori/Thunnor is a hammer-wielding Æsir: god associated with lightning, thunder,  storms, Sacred trees and groves in Germanic paganism and mythology: sacred groves and trees, Physical strength: strength, the protection of mankind and also Hallow: hallowing and Fertility: fertility.

Our towel has his name rendered in Elder Futhark Runes and down each side in Younger Futhark Runes the Old Norse phrase "Thor Vigi" meaning "May Thor bless, hallow or protect" the user.

Fantastic quality tea towel made from 100% cotton.

Washing Instructions: Wash at 30 degrees. Not suitable for tumble drying. 

Dimensions: 48 x 70cm (Approx)

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