Sumarrblot 2020 Traders


The More Mead Company

Mead, bar services.

The New Emporium

Fair trade dragon mobiles, drums, crystals. Hand-knits, leathercraft, handmade cards etc. Will do a workshop as already discussed.

Norsvana medieval crafts

Hand made, shields, axes, wooden plates, drinking horns, chain maille jewellery, skins, sea chests


Metal art

Rudolf Jarlson Jewellery

HandmadeViking and Anglo-Saxon jewellery and other Viking items Demonstration of jewellery making. Workshops on ring making etc

Hendon Heathens Info Stall

Info leaflets. Some books.


Hand tooled leatherwork belts, bags, pouches, horn belt loops,leather hair barrettes, Carved Viking drinking horns, tankards, horn cups, blow horns, Hand painted asatru altar stones, beeswax candles, small selection of viking jewellery and brooches/accessories/beads, iron hair barrettes (but no copper bling) and other Nordic inspired goods + Handmade longbows by James


Pagan inspired art prints, wall hangings, alter cards and pagan prayer flags


Original works of art on canvas, drums, stone. Cards and prints.

Goddess Handmade

Designer/maker of alternative/pagan/witchy clothing and crystal jewellery. Also a selection of Gringo fair trade clothing and accessories.

Heathens of Yorkshire

Books, prints, yarncraft, wire weaving, clothing, PF items we will also have information on Heathens of Yorkshire and Pagan Federation North East.

Defence Pagan Network

An information stand about the DPN.

Chianna Sidh-Wolf / Chianna Fae

Artwork and storytelling

host compere performer drag queen story time teller

host compere performer drag queen story time teller

Hooked and needled

Crochet, fabric and yarn items. Mostly small pouches, bags, wall hangings

BattleAxe Urban Axe Throwing

Axe throwing experience


A range of heathen and esoteric products including norse/pagan statues, jewellery, artistic prints and illustrations, all hand made.

Asatru U.K.

Book sales, information, t shirts and membership

Sick Squid Screenprinting

Hand screen printed T-shirts and other textiles and wood. Some jewellery and hand made cards and hand painted glass.

Apollo & Artemis craft

soap, bath products, spa sets, vegetarian and vegan friendly where possible