Matched Pair of "Kiss Me, My Love" Rings - Viking, Norse, Elder Futhark Runes in Bronze


Matched Pair of "Kiss Me, My Love" Rings - Viking, Norse, Elder Futhark Runes in Bronze

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"Kiss Me My Love - Ost min, Kyss mik". A beautifully romantic little example of medieval runic love poetry. We can make matching pairs of these for engagement, weddings and Handfasting cut from the same piece of bronze. A permanent token of deep love. We are so pleased to share our version of this Elder Futhark runic script. This is one of the inscriptions found from 1955 at Bryggen (and its surroundings) in Bergen, Norway. It has been called the most important runic find in the twentieth century. Before finding these inscriptions, there was doubt whether the runes were ever used for anything else other than inscriptions of names and solemn phrases. The Bryggen find showed the everyday use that runes had in this area, and presumably in other parts of Scandinavia as well. Previously it had been believed that the use of runes in Norway had died out long before. All sizes can be accommodated. This example is a UK size P (US approx 7.5). The ring is an approx 9mm wide and 1.8mm thick with an antiqued patina finish which will change naturally over time as you wear it. It will come in its own pouch with a certificate explaining the mythology behind the script and a care leaflet. They are available in copper, brass and in bronze. Each is unique. No two are the same. The photograph is an example only. All items are made to order, as such we will send you photographs of your item prior to dispatch for your approval. Unless otherwise stated your piece will come coated in a tough invisible transparent lacquer to protect the finish however over time and depending on how its treated this coating may break down. As such, depending on your body chemistry and atmospheric conditions this piece may leave a harmless greenish deposit on the skin. This is easily washed off and can be minimized by keeping it clean and dry or lacquering/waxing it yourself. Non-UK customers. Please note your country may charge import duty, VAT or other taxes on foreign imports. We are in no way accountable or responsible for this and the payment of any such charges are solely the buyer’s responsibility. We suggest you familiarize yourself with your country’s import regulations before ordering to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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