Greek Key Pattern Bracelet
Greek Key Pattern Bracelet
Greek Key Pattern Bracelet


Greek Key Pattern Bracelet

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Greek Key Pattern Bracelet in copper, bronze or brass. Ideal handfasting ring or wedding band. 


PLEASE SPECIFY SIZE WHEN ORDERING RINGS. Free sizing chart here and in the pictures below

Inspired by our recent trip to Cyprus, birthplace of Aphrodite. The ancient name of the island Kúpros is synonymous with the old Latin name for copper, cuprous. The island was the most important source of the metal to the ancient civilisations of the Mediterranean.

Featuring the simple classical elegance of the Greek key pattern. The smaller cuff measures 1cm wide to fit a 15-8cm wrist while the larger one is 2cm wide and will suit a 18-21cm circumference. . 

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Each is handmade and totally unique, no two are the same. The photograph is an example only. All items are made to order.

Please note copper and it alloys have proven antimicrobial properties and although we make no claims, some say there are anti-inflammatory effects useful for joint pain. Although the item is lacquered to protect the patina this will not last forever and the piece will develop its own natural patina over time. Depending on your body chemistry and atmospheric conditions it may leave a harmless greenish deposit on the skin. This is easily washed off and can be minimized by lacquering or waxing it yourself if necessary.

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Greek Key Pattern Bracelet