Daughter of Freyja Goddess Younger Futhark Runes Cuff Bracelet


Daughter of Freyja Goddess Younger Futhark Runes Cuff Bracelet

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The inscription reads Frejya's Daughter (Frauiasdottir) in Old Norse rendered using younger futhark viking era runes repeated 3 times along the cuff. The script is etched in a unique process that harnesses the power of sunlight such that every one is unique with little random marks caused by the etching process and each is made by hand to order so you can be assured that no two are ever exactly the same

A beautifully delicate piece made in either golden brass, silver-plated brass or antique finished copper or silver-plated copper in such a way that the reddish hue shines through a little. The cuff measures approx 1cm wide and is approx 1mm thick and is designed to fit a wrist between 15-18cm in circumference. If you require a different size please let us know and we will make you one to fit. Each one is unique. No two are the same.

The photographs above are an example only. As all items are made to order. On request, we will send you photographs of your item prior to dispatch for your approval. This item comes with a velvet gift bag, a certificate explaining the meaning behind the symbology and a care leaflet. Made by the North Sea at Tynemouth, Northumberland, England at the site of the invasion of Northumbria in 875 AD by Halfdene, first King of the Kingdom of Jorvik (York).

Unless otherwise stated your piece will come coated in a tough invisible transparent lacquer to protect the finish however over time and depending on how it's treated this coating may break down. As such, depending on your body chemistry and atmospheric conditions this piece may leave a harmless greenish deposit on the skin. This is easily washed off and can be minimized by keeping it clean and dry or lacquering/waxing it yourself.

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