Handforged Steel Cloak Pin
Handforged Steel Cloak Pin
Handforged Steel Cloak Pin


Handforged Steel Cloak Pin

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Hand forged in mild steel by our good friend, the Heathen blacksmith. Two beautiful styles to choose from. Both are approx 10mm thick (almost 1/2") and have an internal diameter of about 8 cm (just over 3"). Choice of iron or brassed finish. 

Style A

The first penannualar is hand forged with an eight sided reverse twisted body, with a leaf on one end and a scroll on the other. 

Style B

The second penannualar is hand forged with a tight eight sided twist and both ends are finished with decorative leaves. 

To use the pin is simply pushed through and back out of two layers of fabric. The ring is then twisted to hold the layers securely together. To undo simply twist the ring until the pin lies in the gap and pull it through.  Note the pin has a point which although not very sharp should be treated with care and kept out of the reach of children.

Each is unique. No two are the same. The photographs above are an example only. As all items are made to order we will send a photograph of your item on request before despatch. 

Unless otherwise stated your piece will come coated in a tough invisible transparent lacquer to protect the finish however over time and depending on how its treated this coating may break down.

Non-European customers. Please note your country may charge import duty, VAT or other taxes on foreign imports. We are in no way accountable or responsible for this and the payment of any such charges are solely the buyer’s responsibility. We suggest you familiarize yourself with your country’s import regulations before ordering to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Handforged Steel Cloak Pin